Let’s bring chocolate-making back to Hampton Court Palace!

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Current appeal total – £4,341 (updated 11/02/13)
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As some members may know, Historic Royal Palaces will be celebrating ‘The Glorious Georgians’ in 2014. It’s the 300th anniversary of the beginning of the reign of George I and the start of the Georgian age.   There will be celebrations across Hampton Court Palace, Kensington and Kew Palace.  We would like, with your help, to bring the making and drinking of chocolate – the breakfast drink of kings – back to Hampton Court Palace. 

We’re talking here about chocolate mixed with eggs, sugar, spices and sometimes wine, to be drunk rather than chewed. Chocolate caught on, and the ultra-smart would build special ‘chocolate kitchens’ in their houses where beans were milled and chocolate prepared by their own, personal chocolate makers. Not surprisingly, our Georgian kings and queens also loved chocolate. According to the Earl of Hardwicke, King George II drank chocolate shortly before his unseemly death in his water closet on 25 October 1760.

Our recent research has uncovered the precise location of two rooms associated with chocolate making at Hampton Court. The first of these is the Chocolate Kitchen. Years of use as a cluttered store has preserved the room, complete with its stove, shelves and fireplace. The other space is the Chocolate Room. Chocolate, spices and sugar were stored in this room alongside expensive silver and gold chocolate pots and cups.

We are asking members to donate just £5 to help us conserve the Chocolate Kitchen and represent the Chocolate Room to the treasure trove it once was, filled with spice, silver and porcelain. When the restoration work is completed, visitors will be able to explore the unique story of royal chocolate making and drinking at Hampton Court Palace in the actual spaces where it was made.

Historic Royal Palaces receive no money from the Government or the Crown; we therefore rely on the generosity and support of our members.  If every member gave just £5 to the Chocolate Kitchen Appeal we will be able to really make our Georgian celebrations all the sweeter!

The appeal launched on 10 December 2013 and the current donations total is £4,341 (updated 11/02/14).  Many thanks to all members who have already donated.

If you would like to make a donation please download the form online or call us on 020 3166 6327.

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