Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower – Member Preview Day 23 May

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coinsandkingsplateExplore the story of the Mint at the Tower where history happened. On 24 May, Historic Royal Palaces in partnership with The Royal Mint Museum will open up a new area of the Tower to our visitors to tell the history of the Mint at the Tower, where it was situated for over 500 years.

Set in an original building on the Tower’s own Mint Street, this new experience Image: Gold trial plate © The Royal Mint Museum

will feature flagship and unique objects from the Royal Mint Museum’s collection brought back to the Tower for the first time.

The exhibition will take visitors on a journey through five key moments in the Mint’s Tower history, illuminated by five ‘star’ coins that were made here. Innovative film, sound, and digital and physical interactives will bring the stories of people and monarchs at the Mint to life.

Beginning with King Edward I’s medieval Mint, the exhibition will reveal unfamiliar and surprising stories, including Sir Isaac Newton’s efforts to rid London of counterfeiters when he was warden of the Mint, Edward I’s harsh punishments for people who tampered with his coins, and the dangers of working in the Tudor Mint. It will explore how medieval coins were made, how new technology revolutionised the Mint, and why the Mint eventually moved out of the Tower in the reign of George III after a huge financial crisis.

Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower opens to the public on 24 May 2013 however there is an exclusive member Preview Day on 23 May 13.30-16.30. The exhibition will be open to members only but no booking is required, please come along to the Tower with your membership card to gain exclusive access before anyone else! So visit us on 23 May to try your hand at becoming an apprentice in the Tudor Mint, keep your fingers intact at the ‘striking’ machine, and take a glimpse into Mint Street past.

If you enjoy the exhibition, look out for our fantastic new management-style game, where you can try your skill at running the Mint in the Tower.

Coin image: Elizabeth I sovereign © The Royal Mint Museum

Exhibition app coming soon!
Available online on the HRP website and for free download from the Apple and Google Play stores from May.

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