The Tudor Kitchens are changing

If you are visiting Hampton Court Palace soon you will notice that parts of the Tudor Kitchens have been closed off, and that there is limited access to the Great Kitchen. And no fire in the great fireplace!

From now until Friday 4 May 2018, Henry VIII’s Tudor Kitchens and the surrounding cloisters will be subject to major electrical upgrades, re-decoration and re-presentation work as we lay down new electrical cables that will power our palace in the years to come. Archaeologists are also using this opportunity to help us better understand the history of the Tudor Kitchens and passageways.

We are doing this because the existing electrical system is almost 70 years old. This essential work will allow the palace to continue operating into the future as well as giving us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study buried archaeology in this part of the palace.

Unfortunately, this work will impact on what visitors to Hampton Court Palace can see in and around the Tudor Kitchens area during that period.

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