Top five membership FAQs

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Membership Assistant, Lydia Manuell, gives us the answers to the top five frequestly asked membership questions. We advise all members to read these, whether you’re a recent or longstanding member, you never know, you might find out something new!

  1. I’ve lost/not received my membership card – can I still visit the palaces?
    Of course you can. You can quote your membership number, or your postcode if you don’t know it, at the Welcome Centre or admissions desk at Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London or Kensington Palace and you will either be given a replacement plastic card or temporary card. Alternatively, please call 0203 166 6327* or email to request a replacement or to get a reminder of your membership number.
  2. I am a joint member and we each want to visit different palaces on the same day. Can I get a second card for the other member?
    Yes, we are happy to issue second membership cards on request, but do not issue these automatically. These are only issued to people with Joint or Family memberships. Please call 020 3166 6327* or email to request one.
  3. I have a family membership but my children aren’t named on the card, only the adults – will they still be allowed in?
    Absolutely, the number of children registered to the membership is written after the membership category on the card. For example, the category may appear as: ‘FAM2’ or ‘FOA2’ – this indicates to the door staff that you have a family membership for two adults and the number indicates two children are registered to the membership. If you need to register any more children aged from 5-15, please call 0203 166 6327* or email
  4. I’ve recently renewed /purchased a new membership. How long can I expect to wait before I receive my card?
    It can take up to three weeks for us to send out your renewal card, and four weeks for new memberships. However, if your old card has expired, you are welcome to collect a temporary card from the palaces in the same way as if you had lost your card (see FAQ no. 1). This will tie you over for visiting until the new one arrives. If you are visiting for the first time as a new member who applied by post and do not have your card, please call 0203 166 6327* or email to make sure that we have received your application through the post and to find out your membership number. New members who applied online can visit using their comfirmation email.
  5. I’ve recently joined as a new member but I did not notice that there was an extra cost to gain entry to Kew Gardens before I enter Kew Palace, is this correct?
    Yes this is correct, we stipulate this on the membership application form. Kew Gardens is looked after by a separate charity – Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, as such Historic Royal Palaces are unable to offer its members free entry to the Gardens as the area surrounding Kew Palace is not looked after by us. In addition, due to Gift Aid laws, we are restricted to the amount of benefits we are able to offer our members and the monetary value thereof. Under these provisions we are unable to give HRP members free entry to Kew Gardens. However, we are delighted to say that we now have an offer for 10% off for each adult member (children under 16 go free) to visit during their Membership year. If you have not received your voucher, please call 0203 166 6327* or email*Please note that Contact Centre and the membership office phone lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

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