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Ever wondered where you can find a comfortable spot to relax on a busy day at the palace? Why not head to the Members’ Room!

Members' Room front door

Members’ Room front door

As valued members of Historic Royal Palaces you can use the facilities in the private Members’ Room at Hampton Court Palace.  We want to make sure that as many members as possible are using this secret haven at the heart of the Tudor palace.

If you are unsure where to find the room please ask a State Apartment Warder and they will show you or give you directions. There is usually a volunteer on hand to show you around so have your membership card ready so you can sign in!

The room is there for the pleasure of you all so please do take advantage of the space; it was historically a grace and favour apartment so has a lovely cosy feeling to it.  We hope you take a look next time you visit Hampton Court Palace!

Please note the Members’ Room closes half an hour before normal palace closing times.

12 thoughts on “Visit the Members’ Room

  1. This is my first year as a member of HRP and when visiting Hampton Court I found that entry to the Members’ Room was by entering an access code. I have searched to no avail and would appreciate details of how to gain entry when next I visit.

  2. Hi Marion,
    There is usually a volunteer on duty in the Members’ Room so you can just ring the bell to gain entry. Otherwise, we publish the access code privately to members, this can be requested by emailing us or just ask a State Apartment Warder at the palace to help.

  3. It’s such a lovely idea- the Warder let us in and gave us the access code and my sons were so impressed. We ate our picnic in style at the dining table.

  4. Hi Liz

    Our only Members’ Room is at Hampton Court at the moment, but we would love to open member-only spaces at the other palaces. We always keep our eye on possible new spaces, hopefully we can open another room in the future!

  5. i am a member for the last 3 years and never used an opportunity to use this facility. i am sure when i am next time at Hampton Court, i will pop in 🙂
    many times passed Royal tennis court, but stopped by the sign Members Only. can we HRP members enter it and have a look also?

  6. Hi Diana,
    Yes all members of Historic Royal Palaces are very welcome in the Members’ Room during opening hours.

  7. Hi,

    Do memebers have any extra priviledges regarding the ceremony of the keys….. I have always wanted to do it, and each time there has been a special ‘Police’ visist from work, I have been already working.?
    Kindest Regards


  8. Hi Liz

    We have one or two member dates a month for Ceremony of Keys which you can book by calling the office directly on 020 3166 6327. We currently have availability for 18 February and 15 March.

  9. Hi, my question is, if anybody knows, what was the members room used for or did it even exist during Henry VIII’s reign?

  10. Fab little bit of the palace nice and quiet so glad I found it.

    Would be lovely to have somewhere in Kensington Palace and Tower of London too

  11. Hi Fiona,

    Glad you enjoyed it! We would love to open member-only spaces at the other palaces. We always keep our eye on possible new spaces, hopefully we can open another room in the future!

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